You Lend Money, We Lend A Hand.

AFS gives you the fee payment control you’ve been looking for.

We understand the chaos of managing real estate transaction fees and the difficulty in keeping current with ever-changing compliance regulations. We also recognize your desire for more streamlined workflow and faster fee processing.

AFS is the mortgage industry’s intelligent enterprise payment system that supplies Lenders and Service Providers with a simple, secure end-to-end solution for collecting application and appraisal fees.

Capabilities & Services

  • Fee Processing Services
  • Vendor Reconciliation
  • Customized Reporting
  • Chargeback and Dispute Management
  • PCI-Compliant, SAS 70-compliance, Dual IT Locations
  • End-to-End Order Tracking
  • Real Time Payment Remittance
  • API Integrated
  • Fraud Protection
  • 40 Years Industry Experience

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Mortgage Fee Payment Solutions

We’re changing the way lenders and service providers manage service payments by combining security and affordability into one hassle-free, simple-to-use service. The AFS solution allows complete control of the payment process from order placement to order completion.

What Makes AFS Special? Traditional System Other System AFS
Customized workflow for appraisals  
24/hour Service  
No binding contracts  
Enterprise software    
Dispute Managers  
Highly secure platform  
Dual IT locations  
Custom reporting