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Waste No More Time With Wishful Thinking.

AFS Has The Only Payment System That Doesn’t Begin With “Wouldn’t It Be Nice.”

If you are looking for the ultimate solution for streamlined payment transactions, we are the mortgage industry’s intelligent enterprise payment system. We facilitate the entire fee process for commercial and residential applications with secure, customized reporting, automated dispute management and fully integrable solutions so you can gain better control and commitment where it counts.

At AFS, we’re committed to providing industry-shifting fee processing solutions. We understand the chaos of managing real estate transaction fees and the difficulty in keeping current with ever-changing compliance regulations. We also recognize your desire for more streamlined workflow and faster fee processing. We’re dedicated to our mission of elevating the mortgage industry with swift, simple and secure solutions that eliminate complexities and excess time from your payment process.

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    We pledge service and seamlessness. We pledge ease and integration. We pledge transparency, innovation, and our commitment to helping the mortgage industry adapt to ever-changing regulations that stifle the real estate transaction process.

    Benefits To You: Real Accurate. Real Time. Real Easy.

    AFS has combined security and affordability into a simple to use service that changes how vendors manage service payments. AFS allows control of the payment process from order placement to order completion.

    • Reduce risk
    • Increase transaction processing efficiency
    • Lower processing costs
    • Turnkey EPS [Electronic Payment Services] solution

    The AFS Solution offers an online billing management solution that allows our clients to secure payments for loan process related fees by obtaining an authorization on a credit card checking account or combination of both. Our electronic billing solution is tied to a proprietary accounting application that provides account receivable and account payable invoice management, NSF, chargeback and payment dispute management, account holder and appraiser customer service, and 1099 distribution.