Appraisal Firms

This Is The Payment Control You’ve Been Waiting For.

Zero-Hassle PCI Compliance, Reporting Organization, Vendor Reconciliation, Chargebacks And Disputes.

Whether you are an independent fee appraiser or an appraisal firm coordinating thousands of appraisers, AFS can offer you the payment control you've been looking for.

Accepting payments electronically is becoming standard practice within the industry. Lenders are shifting from COD payment as borrowers demand electronic acceptance of their payment tender of choice.

AFS proprietary service application puts you in control by allowing you to authorize for payment prior to scheduling the appointment. You control the authorization. You control the payment.

No more waiting for the loan to fund, bounced checks or loss due to non-payment.

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    The Benefits:

    • All-inclusive Connections: Connectivity for all card types and electronic checks through one interface, eliminating the need for multiple service providers.
    • Total Acceptance: Accept all major credit cards and checks in one solution with one simple to understand fee for all tender types.
    • Split Tender: Split tender capability allows the borrower to pay for the appraisal with multiple credit cards or checking accounts within one transaction.
    • Increase Cash Flow: Virtually eliminate monetary loss due to unpaid invoices and reduce your Accounts Receivable.
    • Greater Order Acceptance: Feel confident about accepting orders from new clients.
    • Value Proposition: Increase your company's value proposition by offering our extended Authorization Agent service. Allow your lender clients to obtain authorization, giving them an opportunity to increase loan file pull through by gaining borrower commitment. You maintain control of payment. They get a committed borrower. It's a win-win.
    • Payment Tracking: Payments are reconciled against your invoices automatically and automated Fee Receipts are remitted to account holders at time of charge for their records.