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Provide Your Clients The Future Of Lending And Processing Solutions.

More than at any other time in recent history, what you do is being watched. The further you can distance origination personnel from the appraisal transaction, the better.

The AFS solution provides your staff the ability to gain borrower commitment to the appraisal fee without having any interaction with an appraiser.

In addition, if you're determined to cut operational chaos, AFS can facilitate the entire fee process for commercial and residential applications with secure, customized reporting, automated dispute management and fully integratable solutions so you can balance operations with amplified speed and security.

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    The Benefits:

    • Borrower Commitment: Borrower commitment to an appraisal fee at the onset of the loan process constitutes a more committed borrower, allowing your agents to focus on the right files and reduce loan fall-out.
    • Eliminate COD: With an AFS approved authorization, the appraiser will not collect from the borrower directly, reducing unforeseen appraiser invoices due to borrower non-payment.
    • Increase Profit Margins: Using AFS means no more absorption of appraisal costs due to denied loans.
    • All-inclusive Connections: Connectivity for all card types and electronic checks through one, easy to use, web-based interface providing control over user access regardless of user's geographical location.
    • Total Acceptance: Accept all major credit cards and checks in one solution with one simple to understand fee for all tender types.
    • Split Tender: Split tender capability allows the borrower to pay with multiple credit cards or checking accounts within one transaction.
    • Payment Tracking: AFS payments are reconciled against the individual invoices providing your accounting department detail of all paid invoices automatically, reducing monetary loss due to inaccurate appraisal billing.
    • Appraiser Customer Service: Appraisers seeking payment detail or reconciliation assistance can be referred to AFS Customer Care for first level assistance.
    • Account Holder Customer Service: Account holders seeking payment detail or require assistance with a transaction on their account can be referred to AFS Customer Care for first level assistance.